We created Kanvves to be a brand that inspires confidence and reaffirms everyone matters. We want to be the brand that spreads positivity, and we are inviting our customers to be part of the fun by making their purchase count. With every purchase, a portion is donated to a charity of choice.

The causes that matter to you matter to us, which is why up to 3% of your purchases are donated at no extra cost to you. The best part is you decide which charity receives the donation. You don't only look stylish with your purchase, you get to be a superhero because your purchase makes a positive impact. Thank you for being a superhero by shopping with us.
How it works
We are a proud partner of ShoppingGives so you can give back up to 3% of your purchase every day of the year.
Image describing how donations to charities work
Featured Charities

We are excited your purchase gets to make a positive impact and you get to choose where your donations go. As a brand, a few causes are dear to us and instead of choosing one to feature, we thought, why not feature a charity from all five causes and have customers decide where their dollars go. You can even choose a charity outside of our featured causes. Remember though, donations to featured charities are double donations to other charities. So, while other charities get a 1.5% donation on purchases, featured charities receive 3%.

Look good. do good.