Christian Streetwear Apparel
reaffirming your true identity in Christ.


Pronounced Can-vas

It's a play on the word Canvas. We believe that as God's kids, we are His canvas and that we worship Him when we are who He created us to be. We are the masterpiece He has and is creating us to be. 


Many of us believe a lie about who we are. We place too much emphasis on what others say or think of us, on the cards life has dealt us (good or bad) and even on what culture defines. We take up false identities because we drift from the source, so sometimes feel broken, unworthy or insufficient. Kanvves exists to help break these beliefs. 

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We aim to remind you that you are a masterpiece created by God. Then inspire you to live with an identity firmly rooted in Christ and who He says you are. We hope our merch and interactions with our brand helps tune out every lie and takes you from feeling unworthy, broken or insufficient to feeling loved, enough and whole because you know who you are is solely based on the love of Christ. Our designs reflect our beliefs, are not overly churchy and are made to start conversations about God.


To remind every Christian of the masterpiece God is creating in them and inspire them to live with this reality, one design at a time. We envision a world where Christians fully embrace who they are in Christ and are not swayed in that belief by others’ opinions, life experiences, or culture. Join us in spreading the mission.


Augustine Daniel


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