Another Clothing Brand?

Heading out to start Kanvves, we asked ourselves if there was even any point in creating another clothing brand. With the myriad of clothing brands out there, why did we need to start one? It was also March 2020, and the world was slowly shutting down due to the pandemic. It was insane to embark on this 'project,' but it just seemed right. After much deliberation, we decided to go for it because we felt we had something to offer the fashion world.

Nobody wants to feel unseen and unheard. People want to feel valued, and rightfully so. This is the premise on which Kanvves was founded - to help inspire confidence and fight insecurities by reaffirming that everyone matters. Note the use of the word 'reaffirm'? We didn't create a clothing brand to tell you that you matter; we created one that calls out the greatness already inside of you - to remind you that you matter. We are all different and have unique qualities, which makes each one of us special. And our goal is to remind everyone of that.

So why black and white clothes only? They represent simplicity, elegance, sophistication, and prestige. And as a brand, we aimed for simplicity because we believe it is the ultimate form of sophistication. Furthermore, black and white clothes provide a great foundation to build on. We see black and white clothes as an opportunity to express oneself. Think of it like what a canvas is to an artist - the opportunity to be inspired and creative. And errr, we love black and white clothes too 🤷🏽‍♂️.

From the onset, a priority of the brand was to spread positivity - in line with our mission to inspire confidence and reaffirm that you matter. And one way we do this is by embedding tiny positive notes on our products. The notes are to serve as a reminder of the diamond you are. The aim is that you don't only look good, you feel your best self because you deserve it.

Our brand's vision is a world where everyone is their best self. Where insecurities fade away and validations from others become insignificant because everyone inherently knows they matter. Because when you realize you matter and are valued, you know you have what it takes to take on the world, and we will be on the sidelines cheering you on every step of the way.

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