Good Looks: Beyond the Outfit

Ever walked down the street and someone caught your attention because of their looks? Ever wondered why some people look great and others - not so much? You see these good-looking people everywhere - coffee shops, airports, workplaces, stores, etc., and it is hard not to notice them. Sometimes you walk past them and turn around to take one last look (and hopefully, they don't notice). There is something about them that draws your attention.

Ever wondered what makes them stand out? It is easy to conclude that it is their outfit that makes them look good. Maybe it is their hair, shoes, or the accessories they wear. Sure, the clothes play a part but is that really the main (or only) reason? Have you ever thought that many people on planet earth would be good-looking if it were down to the clothes they put on only? It would only take throwing on some of your best clothes to look great. But that isn't the case, is it?

That is because looking good goes beyond the clothes - it is in confidence. Now, some people can be confident in rats-ass clothes. They carry themselves like they're the best thing that has happened since sliced bread. Let's just ignore those for now and focus on those who put effort into their looks.

When next you see someone who catches your attention because of their good look, observe how they carry themself. You will notice confidence oozing from them, and it would show in how they walk, their gesture and even how they talk. It is all-encompassing, not just one thing. Maybe the clothes make them confident, or perhaps it's their confidence that determines their outfit; either way, their charisma is clearly recognizable. 

If not already clear, I am trying to say that the clothes you wear alone are not sufficient for good looks, but how you carry yourself in those clothes matters. Now that you know, when you put on your next outfit and step out into the world, remember to carry yourself like you own the world. There is nothing wrong with being fully confident in who you are cos you just may be the best thing to happen since sliced bread. 

The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence. — Blake Lively

One tip to radiating confidence in the outfit you wear regardless of your style - dapper, streetwear, or somewhere in between - is to wear what you're entirely comfortable with. Even if you are dashing as David Beckham after you put on an outfit, not liking or being comfortable in it would throw you off, affecting your confidence. You don't want that. You don't want anything stealing your confidence. You want to wear what makes you look good, but something you are comfortable with. It may just be a minor detail that throws you off but deal with that before walking out the door because you want peak confidence as you step out.

Also, when incorporating a new style, which is great, gravitate towards that new look slowly instead of making a sudden wholesome change. Sometimes when we try something new, we may not be fully confident because we're leaving our comfort zone. This is totally understandable. We may even look great, but because it is new territory for us, our Obama-confidence is gone. However, if we slowly incorporate the new style, we get used to it without losing the confidence to pull it off. Before you know it, you have incorporated the new style with your confidence fully intact. 

Whether you admit it or not, everybody wants to look good. I do not like being complimented on my looks, said no one ever. The thing is, to get complimented, you gotta look good, and to look good, you gotta put that outfit on with complete confidence - major key, as DJ Khaled would say. 

Remember, YOU MATTER, and what you bring to the world matters...even your style.

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