Black and White Clothes - The Reason

Some may wonder why only black and white clothes with Kanvves. I get it; many brands have a flurry of colors on their store. It gives customers options and allows the brand to reach more customers because there are more colors to choose from, amongst many other reasons. So why settle for only two colors? A few reasons;

Signature: Every brand needs a signature - something they are known for, and this is ours. Among a few unique things to our brand, having purely black and white clothes is the most distinct. The reason for this? To create a store people can go to when they want black or white clothes. To make life easy for anyone looking to get black and white clothes.

Versatility: There are no other colors as versatile as black and white colors; we know that. While we don't believe that absolutely everything goes with white or black, most things do. So, you can wear them with anything. Some mental gymnastics is required for outfits of many colors. You have to figure out if they go with clothing items you already have or if you need to get something to pair with them. With black or white clothes, you free your brain from the gymnastics. Your pockets will thank you too.

Creativity: Black and white clothes are not bland as some may think; we believe they provide a great foundation to be creative with your look. Black and white clothes go with almost anything. You can throw on a simple jacket over a black or white t-shirt and look great - a more elaborate jacket would work as well if that's your style. A shoe's color, style, or pattern also rarely matters when your top is black or white. With the same black or white t-shirt or sweatshirt, you can be as flashy as you want or as toned down as you like - the world's your oyster.

Black and white clothes are not bland as some may think; we believe they provide a great foundation to get creative with your look. 

Significance: White represents freshness, wholeness, simplicity, and black represents elegance, sophistication, prestige, and power. These are what our brand stands for. This is how we want you to feel when you wear clothes from us - be it a t-shirt, sweatshirt or hoodie. We embed personal notes on our clothes to hype you, but the clothes' colors subconsciously make you exude all these qualities. Just think about it; what thoughts come to mind when you see a good-looking fella in an all-black or all-white outfit? But I bet you rarely see anyone in an all green or all yellow outfit. 

Simplicity: Now we get a little bit nerdy on you. We have only black and white clothes to reduce confusion. Science shows no one likes anything complicated - the brain does not want to do too much work. The more predictable and straightforward a thing is, the easier it is for the brain to digest. We don't want to stress your brains out.

    Now you know it! The reasons we decided to have only black and white clothes on our store. What are your thoughts? Also, tell us what you like about black and white clothes.

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